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"I was born in Birmingham, England in 1985 and I have been drawing and painting all my life. My career selling landscape paintings started in my teens, with little formal training, and has continued ever since.  I have an inherent drive to make pictures, which is as much compulsion as it is passion, and my love of spending time outdoors means landscape is a natural subject for me.I now live in the Cotswold Hills in Gloucestershire and moving here ten years ago had a big impact on my work. I started to feel an intimate bond with the landscape around me and I naturally wanted to capture the life enriching colour and beauty I saw, in particular those moments which in nature are so fleeting: a burst of evening sunlight or a majestic cloud being carried on the wind. Recently I have been preoccupied with a graphic style greatly inspired by the likes of Brian Cook, Norman Wilkinson and various poster designers of the early twentieth century. They used colour and form in a pure and powerful way and I wish to do the same, creating paintings that are, I hope, uplifting and evocative."