Selma Stagg

Porcelain Jewellery

I am based in Chipping Norton, a small Cotswold town in Oxfordshire, England where I work from my studio at home.

I was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia in 1961 where I graduated in Civil Engineering. I moved to England and studied Art, Design and Ceramics at Windsor College. I have been a member of the Oxfordshire Craft Guild since 2002.

I chose porcelain as the major material for my jewellery because of its unique qualities of strength and light weight. I use vibrant colours as an integral part of my designs. Each “stone” is individually shaped and moulded by hand, dried slowly and fired in an electric kiln to a dense, hard, non-porous finish. Five to seven layers of glaze are applied by brush to both sides of the “stones” and they are fired to the glaze temperature on ceramic wires. I assemble the porcelain “stones” into earrings, necklaces and bracelets with sterling silver components.